• Quality products from an engineering team with unrivalled knowledge and experience

    Quality products from an engineering team
    with unrivalled knowledge and experience

  • GB Belting is the UK’s
    largest independent manufacturer
    of process and conveyor belts.

Fabric reinforced process & conveyor belt

Minimising downtime

G.B. Belting has an extensive stockholding of light to medium weight conveyor belting with over 15,000m2 in stock at any one time. This means we are usually able to supply customer requirements very quickly ensuring your system get back to work.

Quality materials

Our wide range of high quality conveyor belts utilises a combination of special fabrics coated with various PVC, Polyurethane, Polyester and Silicone polymers. We select products from the best suppliers, to ensure long belt life and excellent running properties.

Supplying many industries

Our high quality allows us to meet the varying demands of a diverse range of industries including food, logistics & mail, print & paper, automotive, metal, electronics, airport, tobacco, textile, wood and building materials.

Fabrication to your specifications

Our 10,000ft2 facility is one of the most advanced fabrication facilities in the UK, enabling us to meet almost every conceivable requirement. Experienced workers finish your belt according to your specifications and requirements. We can supply endless belts and install flights, sidewalls, guide ropes and belt fasteners. Take a look in our Services section for more information.

Installation on site

We also offer a 24/7 site fitting service when this is the most cost-effective solution to your needs.

Call us now for more information or a quotation: 01642 762 686. It will be our pleasure to advise you.

Supermarket checkout counter conveyor belts

Our high quality fabric reinforced belting combined with state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing systems means we can provide competitively priced belting for OEM or refurbishment companies with a prompt turnaround. We can make belts up to 700mm wide. Here's a short video showing our robotic splice machine in action.


Pillow flight conveyor belts

Packing fruit and vegetables can be a delicate process. Soft fruit and vegetables can be bruised or marked very easily, and in the retail environment the cosmetic characteristics of these products are important because customers will not buy bruised or damaged produce. Many of these products are not uniformly shaped, conveying them from the field to the finished package throughout carries its own unique challenges.

Pillow flight conveyor belting was designed specifically for the handling and processing fruits, vegetables, and other delicate items. Standard flights can have sharp corners, are rigid, and can mark or damage soft foods as they carry them up any incline conveyors. Pillow flights are the exact opposite and will not mark or damage the product being carried. They can be fitted on any belt with any spacings you may require and are ideal for bulk incline applications and or maintaining important spacing requirements.

Conveyor belt wear strips

Metal stamping production lines are an extremely challenging environment for conveyor belts. They encounter chemicals, oils, sharp edges and slicing/cutting actions. We can improve running and reduce downtime by adding a wear strip - any size - onto the belt. We can also add polyurethane V guides to aid more efficient running. 

Sealed edge belting

This process prevents oil, grease, water, foreign bodies and bacteria from penetrating the belt and compromising your system. This makes for improved hygiene, longer belt service life and consistent product quality. 

Eddy current separator belts

They are used to separate nonferrous materials in situations such as auto recycling, electronics recycling, plastic recycling, glass recycling, foundries, wood recycling, and medical waste recycling. Effective and efficient, they eliminate possible human error on sorting lines.

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