• Quality products from an engineering team with unrivalled knowledge and experience

    Quality products from an engineering team
    with unrivalled knowledge and experience

  • GB Belting is the UK’s
    largest independent manufacturer
    of process and conveyor belts.

Monolithic Food Quality Belting

Monolithic Food Quality Belting

GB Belting breaks new ground with monolithic food quality belting featuring seamless HF profiles and sidewalls

Monolithic belts offer the highest level of hygiene and virtually eliminate plastic and fabric contamination. GB Belting offers a full range of Mafdel monolithic belting enhanced by GB Belting’s uncompromising approach to fabrication quality. 

Our Aramid reinforced Mafdel ‘Del/Sync’ monolithic belting combines both synchronous drive and hygiene. Del/Sync is designed to provide precise positioning and excellent tracking due to its solid moulded teeth. Any configuration of cleats and attachments can by hygienically welded to its surface.

Mafdel monolithic belting is flexible with both PositiveBelt and Del/Flex offering tension-free operation. Many configurations are possible such as swan necks and troughs which are not possible with modular belts.

Compared to modular belts, 80% cost savings are possible with reductions in cleaning time and water consumption. A Mafdel monolithic belt is also up to 80% quieter than its noisy modular equivalent. Monolithic belts also offer Clean In Place operation.


We can offer two types of profile: rounded and flat. The rounded base of the profiles makes belt cleaning easier and avoids bacterial development. Flight supports can be used to reinforce the profiles for heavy loads.


For better containment of loose products.

  • Can be 20mm to 80mm high.
  • Lateral trapezoid-shaped guides can be HF welded with no compromise to hygiene.
  • The belt pulley diameter should be at least 2.5 times bigger than the height of the sidewalls.

Belting can also be supplied with perforations to facilitate product draining and the driving drum arrangement reduces the footprint making cleaning easier.

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