• Quality products from an engineering team with unrivalled knowledge and experience

    Quality products from an engineering team
    with unrivalled knowledge and experience

  • GB Belting is the UK’s
    largest independent manufacturer
    of process and conveyor belts.

Hygienic Belting - The Vital Component

Hygienic Belting - The Vital Component

With over 30 years’ experience in light to medium conveyor belting manufacture, GB Belting has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in conveyor process systems and can provide industry-leading advice from process review and belt scoping through customisation services and retro fitting expertise.

It all adds up to a package that supports plant and process managers by reducing the need for maintenance personnel to be constantly re-tensioning and tracking conveyor belts. Their approach puts the emphasis on optimising production and not on plant maintenance.

Operating out of a modern UK-based fabrication facility, GB Belting have extensive stocks of the highest quality conveyor belting to ensure that customer’s plants can run 24/7 with the minimum of disruption. The range includes positively driven conveyor belts that comply with the most stringent international standards and supports companies wishing to maintain optimal level of hygiene to meet HACCP requirements for poultry, meat, fish, cheese and dairy, fruit, vegetable, industrial bakeries, ready meals and frozen food production.

Jeremy Byrne, GB Belting’s Managing Director said “With our recent investments, including the acquisition of CNC equipment specifically developed to manufacture a range of conveyor belting products, we can manufacture to exacting tolerances not normally offered within the industry.

“This enables us to work with designers and engineers to re-evaluate the role of conveyor and process belting to achieve levels of synchronization and product placement that in the past was not achievable. Our range of positively driven conveyor belts combines all the advantages of modular belts and solid conveyor belts without the hygiene issues. That’s because they don’t have rods and hinges which are impossible to clean or fabric layers that can fray and contaminate the product.”

Other key features of the belting range include being fully EC-FDA compliant, solid and resistant to all common food industry chemicals such as solvents, oils and grease. Monolithic belts can feature a hygienic plastic mechanical joint that enables the belt to be easily removed for cleaning.

This is hygienically welded to the belt as opposed to being riveted. The connecting rod can be either plastic or stainless steel.

Customisation options (flights and sidewalls) are applied using HF welding to produce strong, repeatable welds designed to aid cleaning and improve food safety standards. An embossed top surface is available that reduces the adherence of the product on the belt to enable sticky products to be conveyed. Transport configurations include: horizontal movement, bidirectional movement, swan-neck and troughed applications.

David Smith, Sales Manager commented “We find this product very popular with plant managers as it’s suitable for a wide variety of processes and it’s labour and water saving. The robust material can also be used where scrapers are required. Cleaning can be carried out in place and it has a long service life, so investment payback keeps the finance team happy too! They can replace modular belts with very little alterations to the conveyor and run on sprockets or a modified motorised drum.”

Jeremy Byrne added, “In our long history of providing advice to food processing companies we’ve seen a multitude of issues and production problems that have been solved with pragmatic, cost-effective recommendations. In an industry that’s constantly striving to raise hygiene standards and keep a tight rein on production costs, we can be relied upon to provide a quality product that often exceeds OEM specifications.

“The food industry needs belts that don't break up or shed hard plastics. Our monolithic belts are completely solid with no welded-on teeth to contaminate food products. Total hygiene and food safety is satisfied by belts with no rods, hinges or gaps that harbour harmful bacteria and pathogens.”

GB Belting products are no more expensive than the equivalent modular belt but additionally offer quick and easy cleaning, with a selection of jointing solutions that suit your process and maintenance requirements.