• Quality products from an engineering team with unrivalled knowledge and experience

    Quality products from an engineering team
    with unrivalled knowledge and experience

  • GB Belting is the UK’s
    largest independent manufacturer
    of process and conveyor belts.


Your special requirements, high standards, short lead times

When a standard product in our range of fabric-reinforced conveyor belting requires the addition of other elements to meet your requirements, you can rely on our state-of-the-art fabrication facility to meet your exacting standards within short lead times.

Quality materials

Our independence enables us to source only the best raw materials from a worldwide array of specialist manufacturers.


We make the most suitable and reliable splice dependent upon the belt type and application.

Tracking guides

Extensive stocks of PVC and PU guides allied with our in-hose notching machine enables us to provide the most suitable belt guiding solution.

Flights, cleats and chevrons

Utilising HF and hot air welding techniques we can apply all types and styles of flights, cleats and chevrons to PVC, PU & PE conveyor belting to increase the carrying capacity.


Fabric reinforced PVC sidewalls and PU footed sidewalls are available from 20mm to 100mm high to contain the product being conveyed.

Sealed edges to protect your belt

We can apply sealed edges to all of our two and three-ply fabric-reinforced belting styles, including fabric backed and profiled types. Application of sealed edges will extend belt life and improve hygienic conditions in your facilities. It will reduce downtime for cleaning and strengthen operational efficiency. Since our first application in the early 1990s we have continued to optimise this procedure to provide the best combination of quality, delivery and price available in the market place.

Vacuum & Positioning Belts

CNC manufactured to ensure perfect accuracy, flexibility of manufacture, and short lead times.

Round Bend Belts

Replacement belts to suit all makes and models are manufactured with an X-Y axis cutting table to ensure perfect accuracy, alignment and fit. We stock a wide range of the required guiding components such as eyelets, rollers, bearings, capstans or sewn beading profiles to complete the package.

Our experience, your benefit

With our strong background of practical experience and engineering solutions we can both provide and advise upon its suitability for your application. Call us now for more information or to place your order: 01642 762 686.











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